We’re Recruiting Top Court Reporters

The time has arrived. If a ten-foot commute sounds appealing, and if you’re capable and willing to answer to the high standards we establish for our growing team of remote court reporters, let’s have a conversation.

What Our Reporters Say

"I've been working for RevoText for three years now.  Writing in real time has improved my writing skills. Choose the days you want to work; no more traffic or parking expenses.  No spending nights and weekends working endlessly on transcripts.  No more wondering when or even if you'll be paid.  Best career decision I ever made!"
"Previously, I only did realtime for myself.  I did have two attorneys back then who were hard of hearing and I'd let them see my transcripts.  Moving to live, remote realtime was nerve-racking at first, but I grew accustomed to it.  I do really well unless we have really fast speakers.  When we have the fast talker, the judge picks up on it and says something."
"RevoText offers an excellent alternative to a digital recording system.  RevoText offers a certified court reporter in the courtroom, providing an extra level of professionalism."
"I have my weekends back. I love being a part of something new.  I love not having to leave the house.  My father was a reporter, and if he was alive, he would be amazed that I'm doing this."